Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summerfest: Weekend 2

I know you've all been (anxiously) waiting for me to post my second Summerfest recap, so here it is (in pictures)!

Parachute...literally ran for almost a mile to get to them in time. Sixth time seeing them & still awesome!

Backstage photo with Will which ended with me losing my husband for 1/2 hour (but I got this picture!)

The beginning of our brewery tour...on a boat!

Bingo at one of the brewery stops! I won a $10 gift card AND a shot! (only in Wisconsin)

Enjoying the beautiful views on a beautiful day...

Hour 4 of the boat brewery tour...things started to get crazy!

After the tour, we stopped to see The Fonz! And took this nice picture...

And then we got some crazy idea to have some fun with The Fonz...

He's so easygoing...

Grabbed some much needed food at the infamous AJ Bombers (featured on the Food channel)

Then we got the brilliant idea to take some pictures in this fountain...and my camera was drowned...

...but I still had my phone! Back to Summerfest for Dashboard Confessional & a ride on the SkyGlider.

Although there were some mishaps along the way, Summerfest: Weekend 2 was a success! We had a great time hanging with our friend Amanda (who we met last year on VH1's Best Cruise Ever) and taking in all of the festivities (beer) and attractions (statues)!

P.S. I'm very happy to say that I truly feel like I've been making the most of my summer this year.  I've spent a ton of time outside enjoying the weather, the water, and great friends. Hoping the rest of the year is just as great!

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