Sunday, August 7, 2011

Concerts & More Concerts!

We've been pretty lucky lately in that we've had the opportunity to see two great rock concerts practically in our backyard.  It's not very often that good bands come to us because we don't live in or near a big city.  We usually get one good show at our county fair and this year we had the opportunity to see another great show at a nearby county fair.

The first show we saw was Seether, Hinder, and My Darkest Days.  I had seen all of the bands before except My Darkest Days, but I would say this was by far one of the best all around rock shows I've been to.  My Darkest Days kicked off the concert with a great short set full of rockin' tunes and Hinder followed with all of their greatest hits. My friend Kate & I entertained ourselves by singing along to a few of them word for word.  We've seen Hinder so many times unintentionally now (I think 6) that it's become amusing for my husband and I every time we hear that they're, once again, the opening band.  It's a good thing they really know how to rock because we might be sick of them by now if it weren't for their entertaining sets.  Lastly, Seether came on stage and they always put on a great live show as well.  There's something about Shaun Morgan's voice that just feeds my love for music even more each time I hear it.  I was extremely happy to hear them play "The Gift" because it's my favorite Seether song and the vocals are amazing live.  I'm already looking forward to seeing them again (hopefully soon)!

My Darkest Days

Gettin' our rock on


Seether (sorry for the bad picture)

The second great rock show we had the opportunity to see was Buckcherry and Default.  I was really excited about finally getting to see Default live because I've been a fan of their music for a very long time.  Since they were the opening band, I expected them to put on a half hour to 45 minute show, but was pleasantly surprised when the put on an over hour long show.  They played every one of their hits and I knew them all (which always makes a show more fun).  I was a little disappointed in the crowd because it seemed like everyone was there to see Buckcherry and didn't care much about Default.  It was hard to stay sitting in my seat while they were putting on such a great show (who sits at a concert?), but no one else was feeling it so I was forced.

After Default finished their set we had the opportunity to meet them and get autographs!  I bought a t-shirt, we got our tickets signed, and we squeezed in for a quick picture.  I was satisfied for the night and ready to enjoy Buckcherry.

Buckcherry was crazy (as usual) and having seen them before, we were mainly just there because of Default.  We did enjoy them, though, and Josh Todd always makes me laugh as he dances around in his skinny tattooed shirtless body.  He's pretty much the definition of a rock star (drug addictions and all).  We had a great time singing along to their music and an especially good time making fun of all the people around us who you know came there only to hear "Crazy Bitch" (because it's the only rock song they know amongst all of the country music).  All in all it was a pretty entertaining night.

Skinny tattooed shirtless body

As for more concerts in the area, we probably won't see any until next year but that gives us a great excuse to travel so I'm more than ok with that! :) 

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